What is CUMREC?

CUMREC is A Higher Education Administrative Technology Conference. The purpose of CUMREC is to provide a forum for higher education professionals to share their expertise and experiences with computer systems in our ever-changing world of technology. The CUMREC Annual Conference, founded in 1956, is the longest running continuing conference devoted to promoting the understanding and use of information technology in higher education.

CUMREC also produces a quarterly newsletter, which you can take a look at through our Publications section, as well as a CD-ROM of the conference proceedings. This annual collection of papers and presentations serves as a valuable tool for helping information technology specialists stay abreast of rapidly changing developments in their field.

And CUMREC members stay in touch throughout the year through the CUMREC-L listserv, where they exchange ideas and information that helps them develop professionally.

We encourage you to tour our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions -- or if you want to update the contact information we have about you.

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