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The EDUCAUSE staff is committed to assisting all speakers in making sure their presentations are a success. There are many logistical details that are best organized in advance, so your cooperation in completing the forms below is sincerely appreciated.

Here is a PowerPoint template that you can use as you create your slides. It includes the CUMREC 2002 logo.
  • CUMREC 2002 PowerPoint Template
  1. To use this template, download it to your computer.
    • Right click on link, release.
    • Save target or link as...
    • Choose destination folder
  2. Go to the open command in the PowerPoint program and choose the file format of PowerPoint "presentations and shows". Go to the directory containing your download, this will give you the setup for the presentation.
  3. The objects on this page and the session name area can only be modified by going to the "View" pull down menu and go to the view "Master Layout", here the contents of the background can be modified.
  4. Set the Session name and then close the master file, every slide you create after this will have the background on it and the session name.

Here are some tips for presenting at CUMREC:

For answers to any speaker-related questions, please contact Leslie DeGrassi, Speaker Liaison, at 303-9

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