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Teaser box CUMREC is the conference of and for higher education professionals who use and enable technology to support administrative functions and processes. It's a conference where computing and service professionals meet, share their experiences and learn from one another. Although we come from different institutional cultures and backgrounds, we also share a common bond that ties us together.

CUMREC is a forum that facilitates collaboration and sharing among our colleagues. The presentations, seminars, panels special interest groups and discussions describe real higher education system projects, applications and how they were implemented in the user offices. These projects are placed into their strategic context while at the same time tactics for successful implementations are outlined and highlighted.

The CUMREC conference has a wide higher education focus that includes professionals from a broad range of administrative offices and disciplines that include managers and analysts from both information technology and functional areas (e.g., registrar, bursar, financial management, human resources, etc.) Thus, attendees may dive deeply into their own areas of expertise or browse other business functions for insight and ideas.

CUMREC offers program content and an attendee profile that makes it the conference for administration technology professionals.

The conference has a complete complement of preconference seminars, track sessions, corporate participation, and some great social activities. Folow the links to the left to learn how you can benefit from participation in CUMREC 2000. 

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