CUMREC 2005, Achieving New Heights | May 15-18, Keystone Colorado

Invitation to CUMREC 2005

CUMREC provides a variety of benefits for its attendees at its annual conference: general plenary sessions, presentations by your peers, networking with vendors, and information gathering. There is, however, no better benefit than that gained from networking with your peers, and there is no better way to network with your peers and develop contacts than working side by side with them organizing a conference. At CUMREC, you have the opportunity to do this through committee involvement.

CUMREC is an organization run by your peers, volunteering their time to make this conference happen year after year—and loving every minute of it. The challenge, the sense of belonging, and the satisfaction of helping to put together another successful conference are just part of the experience of getting involved. People you can call on when you need information, someone to call on when you need help, and life-long contacts and friends, all develop through working together for this organization.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to participate on one of the many committees at CUMREC. The Moderator Program along with the Communications and Development committees all need volunteers to share the work and keep the organization running. Volunteers are selected shortly after each annual conference to meet the needs of each committee for the next year. Committee members typically serve for two years to allow for continuity while allowing fresh ideas and insights to be brought in. Moderators are contacted each year just prior to the conference.

Feel free to discuss committee involvement and see how you can help at the Development Committee's booth during the annual CUMREC conference or contact a current Development committee member.

Donna Kennedy
Development Committee