CUMREC 2005, Achieving New Heights | May 15-18, Keystone Colorado

Invitation to CUMREC 2005

CUMREC committees are composed of volunteers who are experienced professionals. The committees are responsible for all aspects of planning, organizing, and hosting the CUMREC annual conference. Click on the "Current Member" links for each committee to see a complete roster with contact information for members. Click here to learn more about volunteering. The "Volunteer" links below will take you to the easy-to-complete on line form.

CUMREC Communications Committee

Oversees the general content and production of the CUMREC Newsletter. Members solicit, edit, and assemble articles; write articles on specific, assigned subject matter or offer articles of their own choosing; and provide the production staff with publication ideas.

CUMREC Development Committee

Encourages and sustains participation in CUMREC, including coordinating the first-timer reception, assisting the host at the conference, staffing the conference booth, helping with promotional ideas, and more.

CUMREC Moderators

Moderate a conference session by introducing the speaker, collecting evaluation forms, and assisting the speaker as required.

CUMREC Board Committees

CUMREC Preconference Seminar Committee

Plans and coordinates offerings for the day of seminars preceding the CUMREC annual conference. (Formed from current CUMREC Board)

CUMREC Program Committee

Encourages program presentations and collects, screens, and selects papers for presentation. Coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the conference program. Members are expected to attend a mid-January planning session (at CUMREC expense). (Formed from current CUMREC Board)

To volunteer for service on one of these committees please use the Volunteer Interest Form.