CUMREC 2005, Achieving New Heights | May 15-18, Keystone Colorado

The Frank Martin Service Award

In the tradition of Frank Martin, founding father of CUMREC, each year up to two outstanding individuals are honored for exemplary service to the college and university information technology community. The award provides perpetual recognition of the selfless qualities possessed by Frank Martin, which foster the open exchange of knowledge, experience, and understanding in the new, dynamic, and uncharted world of automation in higher education. BearingPoint (formerly KPMG Consulting, Inc.) became the sponsor of this award in 2000.

Past Frank Martin Service Award Winners

2005 Jennifer T. Cobb, J. T. Cobb Consulting
Audrey Lindsay, University of British Columbia
Jeff von Munkwitz-Smith, University of Connecticut
2004 Bill Graves, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2003 Scott D. McGill, Michigan State University
2002 Kay Whyburn, Texas Tech University
2001 Janet Terry Linkous, Virginia Tech
2000 Mark A. Olson, Sallie Mae Solutions
1999 Rebecca L. King, Baylor University
1998 Elizabeth Neil, Clemson University
1997 J. Reid Christenberry, Georgia State University
1996 Fred Goebeler, University of South Carolina, Columbia
Herb Riley, State University of New York, Binghamton
1995 Philip L. Philips, MIT
Pamela Stubbs, University of Missouri, Kansas City
1994 H. Garth Rasband, Brigham Young University
1993 T. Luther Gunter, University of South Carolina
1992 Andy Wehde, University of Iowa
1991 Kay Keskinen, University of Idaho
1990 Renee Woodten Frost, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1989 Peter Banks, University of Alberta
1988 Shirley Roddenberry, State University System of Florida
1987 Jack Southard, Miami University
1986 Stan Podhajsky, University of Iowa
1985 Albert LeDuc, Miami-Dade Community College
1984 Richard Paumen, University of Pennsylvania
Joel Samuel, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
1983 David E. Hershey, Illinois Institute of Technology
Martha A. Fields, State University System of Florida
1982 A.S. "Bert" Knowler, University of Alberta
Harry Grothjahn, University of Georgia
1981 Ernest L. Jones, Appalachian State University
1980 Wayne Ostendorf, Iowa State University
Ralph Willard, University of Minnesota
1979 Harris D. Olson, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
William "Mack" Usher, Oklahoma State University
1978 James Morgan, State University System of Florida
Jack Thornton, Baylor University
1977 C. C. Mosier, Iowa State University
1976 Virginia R. Lee, Miami University
Carl J. Gochenour, University of Iowa
1975 John F. Chaney, University of Illinois
1974 William S. Dye III, Pennsylvania State University
George W. Crockatt, Jr., Wayne State University
1973 Ernest R. Zimmerman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Leo M. Corbaci, University of Notre Dame