CUMREC 2005, Achieving New Heights | May 15-18, Keystone Colorado

Invitation to CUMREC 2005

These CUMREC documents are provided to support the activities of the CUMREC Board of Directors and CUMREC committees.

Constitution and Bylaws

Policies and Guidelines

Operating Procedures Manual

New Horizon Award

Sample Timeline

Procedure for using the timeline

  1. Anyone can access the sample timeline.
  2. The Documentarian will be responsible for updating the timeline. This will be done in June of each year, learning from the previous conference.
  3. Also in June/July - the EDUCAUSE meeting planner will work with President and General Chair to prepare a specific timeline for the upcoming conference, including updated dates and names. This specific timeline will be built from the "Sample Timeline" and used to plan/execute the activities of the conference.
  4. The conference specific timeline will be distributed to CUMREC Board, CUMREC Committee Chairs, EDUCAUSE staff, and Local Host Committee.

Expense Voucher

Organization Chart (May 2001)

Direct questions regarding these documents to the CUMREC Documentarian at [email protected] .