CUMREC 2005, Achieving New Heights | May 15-18, Keystone Colorado

Best Presentation Award

Individuals who give a presentation at the conference will be considered for the CUMREC Best Presentation Award, which is based on evaluations submitted by conference attendees and includes a complimentary registration and cash award.

Best Presentation Award Winners

2004 Daniel M. Frommelt, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and Rebecca L King, Baylor University
2003 Rebecca L King, Baylor  University (winner); Ray Ford and Martha Burtis, University of Montana (certificate of merit); and G. Morgan Watkins, University of Texas at Austin (certificate of merit)
2002 Suzanne Petrusch, University of Dayton (winner), and Kathy Luker and Scott R. Manley, University of Wisconsin Madison (certificate of merit)
2001 Rebecca L King, Baylor University (Best Paper Award); Stephanie Hays, Texas Tech University, and Priscilla White, University of Texas at Austin (Best Presentation Award); William L. Shepard, Cleveland State University; and John D. Campbell, Northern Arizona University; Elizabeth Craft, Arizona State University; and Karen Warren, University of Arizona (Best Paper Certificates of Merit); Kenneth R. Orgill, West Virginia University, and David G. Swartz, George Washington University; and Donovan Follette, Washington State University (Best Presentation Certificates of Merit)