CUMREC 2005, Achieving New Heights | May 15-18, Keystone Colorado

Invitation to CUMREC 2005

Recognizing the changing professional development needs of information technology leaders and managers as well as new strategies for delivering content and fostering community, the CUMREC Board of Directors, in consultation with EDUCAUSE, has agreed to end CUMREC as a conference at the conclusion of CUMREC 2005.

Since 1956, the CUMREC conference has contributed to the professional development of administrative computing professionals in higher education. Today, administrative systems, processes, and services are being integrated with middleware, portals, course management systems, and other major information resources on campus.

According to CUMREC Board Chair Peter Phillips of Cleveland State University, "We have seen tremendous strides in technology since Frank Martin envisioned and sponsored the first CUMREC conference in 1956. Technology has grown from processing key punch cards for accounting and registration to student self-service on the World Wide Web. CUMREC itself has changed from the College and University Machine Records Conference to CUMREC—A Higher Education Administrative Technology Conference."

Phillips continued, "Over these past 50 years, hundreds of higher education institutions have taken advantage of CUMREC to share their ideas, work, accomplishments, technologies, methods, and techniques I wish to thank the CUMREC attendees who over the years have contributed their time, energy, and expertise. Their efforts have made the conference exceptional. I also want to thank EDUCAUSE staff for all of their work on our behalf for the past seven years."

Although the conference series ends with the 50th anniversary, the CUMREC board will work with EDUCAUSE to offer new ways for administrative technology professionals to engage, learn, grow, and network. In 2006, EDUCAUSE will offer a higher education administrative technology meeting in addition to its annual and regional conferences. CUMREC conference proceedings and awards information will continue to be maintained on the EDUCAUSE Web site.

In acknowledging the association's seven-year affiliation with CUMREC, EDUCAUSE President Brian Hawkins said, "As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of CUMREC and its proud tradition of advancing administrative computing in higher education, we should acknowledge Frank Martin's vision and the genuine commitment to the profession on the part of all those who have served in CUMREC leadership positions, and those who have planned and/or presented at the conference over the years."